[Translated from the German.]

Although I had been a zealous church-goer and Bible...

Although I had been a zealous church-goer and Bible reader, and the Bible had comforted me at times, I can now see that I was grouping in the dark. Since I have come into Christian Science, I am learning, through God's grace, to understand the Bible aright, and numberless blessings have been mine. I have learned to discern the truth which frees from all suffering, no matter what may seem to frighten me. Christian Science brings us into communion with God and teaches us to recognize the power over the flesh which is given us through Christ.

For the past two years and a half I have enjoyed the blessings of Christian Science, and have myself met during that time the following cases in my family: My oldest foster-daughter, who was attending an industrial school, injured her left foot so that she could not walk. The lady principal had her taken to a physician, who stated that the bone was affected. He put her foot and part of the leg in plaster-of-Paris and said that she must stay in bed for the next two weeks. I then had to take her home. As she trusted in Christian Science and did not feel like going to bed, I removed the cast, and the next morning she was able to walk. During the two weeks that she had been ordered to stay in bed I kept her at home, and she was glad to have the opportunity to attend the Christian Science meetings. A year later my son was injured at his employer's by falling into a green-house, his left arm being terribly cut. The employer immediately had him taken to a physician, who dressed the wound temporarily and turned him over to the surgical clinic. According to the physician's statement the injury was very severe, and as my son knew by experience that I could help him without causing him to suffer, he came home instead of going to the hospital. I kept him with me, trusting in Christian Science, and the wound healed without medical treatment. Later on the boy contracted hernia on both sides through heavy lifting. Through Science this trouble also was overcome entirely in about two weeks' time without his wearing a truss. My second foster-daughter used to suffer with asthmatic trouble, which has also been overcome completely.

Testimony of Healing
It is my desire to express in this way my gratitude for...
June 26, 1909

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