Christian Science does not teach that the universe is...

Shreveport (La.) Journal

Christian Science does not teach that the universe is an illusion, but on the contrary that everything in creation, from the least to the greatest, exists as the product of Spirit. Christian Science teaches that everything in the universe is real, but that mortals in their immature material condition have an imperfect perception of things, which needs to be corrected by spiritual understanding. In Christian Science, the important question is not what seems, but what is. Paul said, "For if that which is done away was glorious, much more that which remaineth is glorious."

When asked if Science teaches that the beautiful and symmetrical things of the universe are unreal, we answer no; but that if we were sufficiently spiritual minded, if our vision were sufficiently corrected or improved to see them as they really are, they would be as much more beautiful to us than they are now, as is infinite greater than our present degree of comprehension. The universe is real and is God's creation. What we need is to understand it as God made it and as it really is. Christian Science is destroying sin and its consequences by first giving its adherents a corrected view of God, man, and the universe, and then insisting that the deportment of the individual shall be in accordance therewith. In other words, Christian Science presents first a correct understanding of God. This constitutes an understanding of what the individual needs to do or be in order to be like God and thus win the harmony which belongs to God's children.

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