Some two or three years after my first healing through...

Some two or three years after my first healing through Christian Science, I met my former physician, who about a year prior to my recovery had moved from the town in which I was then living. He was a thoroughly educated man, and in all respects a successful physician and surgeon. Both he and his wife remarked at once on the evidences of health and vigor, such as they had not seen in me before; and the doctor naturally supposed that this was due to a continuation of his method of treatment. My husband and I, however, soon told them of Christian Science. The doctor was incredulous, and with much solicitude in look and tone, he begged me to "be careful," saying, "I know that you are just as honest in this as you can be, but do not go too far with it. If you should be taken with anything very serious, — pneumonia, for instance,—take no risk; send for a physician at once."

Several years after this interview the condition of which my medical friend had warned me manifested itself, but there was no thought of turning to any material means foe relief or cure. The attack was most sudden and severe, was accomplished with the usual alarming symptoms, and came at a time when the disease was almost epidemic in this city and elsewhere. A Christian Science practitioner was immediately sent for, and in about three days the grip of the malady was broken. My recovery was perhaps a little slow (unless one takes into account the severity of the case); but improvement was continuous, and after several weeks I had gained my normal strength, though for three or four weeks I had been going about the house and out of doors (the time was February and March), attending to my usual duties.

Testimony of Healing
The prophet Jeremiah said, "Come, and let us declare...
June 26, 1909

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