Our critic mistakenly states that Christian Science...

Urbana (Ill.) Courier-Herald

Our critic mistakenly states that Christian Science teaches that "there is no such thing as sin," and then quotes Paul's words. "All men have sinned." to show that Christian Science disagrees with the Scriptures. It will be understood, of course, that this declaration by Paul referred to the "sons of men," or mortals, and careful students of Mrs. Eddy's writings will readily see that she takes precisely the same view of the subject that Paul did. What she contends for is the sinlessness of the real spiritual individuality of man, which is the reflection of God. She urges her followers to strive earnestly to follow Paul's admonition to "put off . . . the old man" (the mortal, sinful sense of man), and to "put on the new man" (sinless, immortal manhood), which is created in righteousness and true holiness."

Christian Science does not, as our critic seems to assume, dismiss the question of pain and disease with the mere statement that there is "no such thing." Christian Scientists recognize that pain and disease seem perfectly real to those who are suffering, but Christian Science teaches that pain is not inevitable and that disease is not incurable, and Christian Scientists are learning that pain can be not only alleviated but dissipated, and that disease can be not only relieved but permanently destroyed by understanding that they are not of God and therefore are not real in the highest sense of that word. Christian Science has, in spite of much adverse criticism, ridicule, and opposition on the part of those who do not understand it, cured thousands who were in bondage to disease and sin, thereby proving the destructibility and unreality of disease and sin.

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