It was in a certain Christian Science Sunday School in a western town, and the room was decorated with a large bouquet of lilies. At the close of the session the superintendent asked the children if they had any sick relatives or friends. Among the pupils there was a little girl, a very little girl, who came from a non-Scientist family. Her people were not even attendants at the Christian Science church, and had scarcely any interest in the subject. The grandmother in this home was under medical care, and, humanly speaking, was in a desperate condition. Her physician had pronounced the trouble one which he regarded as practically incurable, and he had predicted that she could live but a short time. So, in answer to the superintendent's question, this little one replied, "Yes, my grandma is very sick, and my mamma thinks she isn't going to get well." "Then," said the superintendent, "you take her these lilies, and tell her if she isn't much better by next Sunday, we will send her a book."

The flowers were taken to that sick-room, and their message of spiritual love sank deeply into the waiting thought. That same afternoon a Christian Scientist was called in, and treatment began. In two weeks the healing work had been accomplished. This occurred several years ago, and today this same "grandma" is rejoicing in excellent health, and in the knowledge of what our beloved Leader has revealed to a needy world; namely, that true health consists in the consciousness of good, in acquaintance and communion with God. Last Thanksgiving day this lady acted as Second Reader in the Christian Science church of which she has for some time been a member, and with a deeply grateful heart she gave her testimony of healing.

March 13, 1909

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