Several years ago a friend made the remark that it would be very tiresome and monotonous if people were all good, all alike, as they would have to be if they believed in Christian Science. The question of individuality as revealed in our text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," had seemed a difficult one for me to grasp. I did not understand much that Mrs. Eddy says on individuality in her various writings, yet it was sufficient to show me the error and mesmerism, in a degree, of so-called human personality. This question would, however, often present itself, How can man express any individuality if there is only one Mind, and if man in reality possesses no other? Would not all be alike? Self-love would constantly urge its false claims of thought and action, and pride would rebel; but the time came when the truth was unfolded, when self-love, pride, and vanity were seen for what they are, and the belief in the reality of the "old man with his deeds" was "put off." I then saw and understood what I had longed to know and understand.

Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (p. 336): "God is individual and personal in a scientific sense, but not in any anthropomorphic sense. Therefore man, reflecting God, cannot lose his individuality; but as material sensation, or a soul in the body, blind mortals do lose sight of spiritual individuality." Reading this in sequence with what Mrs. Eddy had written on this topic on the same page, I then saw that the only true individuality there is or can be for man is his reflection of God,—Spirit, good, the one Mind. A friend once said, relative to this subject, "It is only as we express the divine Principle of Christian Science that we manifest any real individuality. It is only as we follow Christ, divine Truth, that we are untouched by the false suggestions of evil, and learn not to be swayed by the vagaries of human thought."

January 9, 1909

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