It is well known to the student of Christian Science that individual thought expands to the fuller and higher meanings of the terms employed in expressing the truth, as the study of the Bible and the Christian Science textbook is earnestly pursued. Through spiritual growth, and through the investigation of the root-meanings of words, a greater mental grasp of the truth becomes a daily privilege, and the limitations which hedge the first perusal of the Christian Science text-book naturally disappear as clearer understanding displaces former view-points. In the sentence, "If God is admitted to be the only Mind and Life, there ceases to be any opportunity for sin and death" (Science and Health, p. 276), this is especially true concerning the word "admitted," and while no attempt is made to explain the text of Mrs. Eddy's writings, perhaps an analysis of this word is permissible in order to stimulate comprehension of its full import.

The Standard Dictionary declares the word "admit" to mean, "To allow, suffer, or permit to come or go into; to have capacity for the entrance or presence of; let in." Webster defines "admission" as, "Permission to enter; the power or right of entrance, and hence, actual entrance." And as to its narrower meaning, Webster says, "To allow; as, the argument or fact is admitted."

January 9, 1909

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