It is to be regretted that a Christian clergyman with a...

Pacific Outlook

It is to be regretted that a Christian clergyman with a reputation such as that enjoyed by this critic of Christian Science should deem it necessary, in his endeavor to build up his own conception of the Scriptures, to attempt to discredit other Christian beliefs. His repeated and malicious attacks upon Christian Science, in the face of the great work this Cause is doing for the sick and suffering of the world, redeeming mankind from the bondage of sin and disease and slavery to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, may be cited in proof of his ignorance of the subject of Christian Science and the great good which every intelligent man, whether a Christian Scientist or not, must admit it is accomplishing.

It is a source of some surprise to us that in this day of religious tolerance and enlightenment a man of this critic's supposed standing should descend to methods which have long since been discarded by intelligent and fairminded men. The average man of intelligence will respectfully refuse to criticize adversely something with which he is unfamiliar. It would appear that in the case of this clergyman, however, it is not essential that he should understand the fundamentals of Christian Science before entering upon a bitter criticism thereof.

January 9, 1909

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