By thus publicly expressing my thanks to God for His...

By thus publicly expressing my thanks to God for His ever-open and welcoming arms to those who have so long walked in forbidden paths, and to Mrs. Eddy for the clear interpretation she has given us of the Scriptures, I am in hopes of encouraging some fellow-traveler who is just beginning his search for the truth. In April, 1907, I turned to Christian Science as a last resort in restoring to health our youngest child, who was continually having severe attacks of throat trouble, each one leaving him in a more serious condition. Doctors had worked over him repeatedly and carefully for six years, but could not stop the frequency or severity of the attacks, nor the complications which would seem to arise each time, and they finally told us that the child had probably inherited a dreaded disease. Having previously lost a child, I could not feel reconciled to giving up another, and this was my reason for trying Christian Science as an experiment.

The boy was very ill and in a high fever when I left our house to go to the home of a practitioner, where I asked for treatment for the child. When I entered the front door on returning home, the little patient called down-stairs to me, "I'm all well, mamma; may I get up now?" Imagine my astonishment, for under materia medica this feverish condition would usually last for from three to five days, and the symptoms were always accompanied by an acute derangement of the stomach; consequently, when he finally did get up he would be very weak. However, under this one treatment of Christian Science every previous condition was changed, and he was almost immediately healed. This demonstration was a revelation to me, and though he has had two slight recurrences of the trouble, they have been met and overcome at once, and it is several months since he has had any trouble at all. I also hope that my fear for him has been met through my own understanding of Truth.

Testimony of Healing
Five years ago I suffered from what a doctor said was...
September 5, 1908

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