In July, 1903, I attended a Christian Science service...

In July, 1903, I attended a Christian Science service for the first time at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Troy, New York, of which church I am now a member. At that time I cared very little what become of me,—I was sick both in body and mind. All my life seemed to have been full of trials and troubles, with very little of joy. Whenever my minister came to see me I would ask him many questions about the Bible, but he would generally answer me by saying, "Remember, whatever comes to you, be it sorrow or sickness, joy or pain, God sends it for some good purpose." Those words gave me no comfort, they only made me more wretched. Where was I to look for help! Could I ask God to deliver me from what He sent to me or permitted me to have? Life seemed such a burden; the nights were spent without sleep and the days were long and dreary. But all this changed when, sitting for the first time in a Christian Science church, I listened attentively to the service. I could understand only a little,—it was so new to me,—but I felt that here I would find the help I so much needed.

One Sunday a member of this church offered me help, an offer which I eagerly accepted. I shall never forget the first time she spoke to me, nor how her loving words seemed like oil poured into a deep wound. Not in one day, nor in one week, but little by little the wound was healed, thanks to Christian Science. Neither time nor effort was spared in helping me to overcome the false beliefs to which I had been a slave all my life. Now I know that God is Life, Truth, and Love, a tender, loving Father who does not send sorrow nor sickness upon His children. It was my inability to understand this truth that had brought me down to the depths of sorrow and despair, from which I have been helped through the understanding of the truth which our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, has given us. I am indeed grateful for Christian Science, for I have received more than I had ever hoped for, both in spiritual understanding and in physical healing. During fourteen years I was a daily sufferer from a severe trouble in my left side which the doctor had pronounced incurable. However, I was entirely healed of that trouble in two days, under Christian Science treatment. Many other ailments have been met by Christian Science, both for me and for my children, and I am sure that more good can yet be done.

March 14, 1908

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