Though I have been interested in Christian Science...

Though I have been interested in Christian Science for many years, and gratefully acknowledge many blessings received during that time, the actual value and importance of living it, that is, in following the footsteps of our Master. has been impressed upon me only in recent years by the example of one of whom it truly could be said: "A real Christian Scientist is a marvel, a miracle in the universe of mortal mind. With selfless love, he inscribes on the heart of humanity and transcribes on the page of reality, the living, palpable presence—the might and majesty!—of goodness" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 294). Whereas before the loaves and fishes had perhaps attracted, here came the close call to take up the cross, to earn the blessings which I claimed. There came years of uphill work, but the chapter on "Obedience" in "Miscellaneous Writings" again and again cleared away the mist, for in it we are told (p. 118) that "the warfare with one's self is grand." This overcoming of self, gradually but surely, I consider my greatest blessing, and as a consequence of this overcoming a firmer consciousness of the allness of God is gained and the unreality of evil is understood.

A few weeks ago, while visiting in the country, I suddenly lost my sight. A prominent Boston oculist had warned me years ago that the eye trouble he was endeavoring to lessen would culminate in just this way. Though this prophecy flashed before me, I can honestly say that I was not frightened. While unable to read from our text-book, passages from it came to my thought as a protest against this seeming evil, and before long the veil was lifted; first objects around me, and soon the words in the treasured book became distinct, and no one of the household knew of the experience through which I had passed. Am I grateful for Christian Science? Yes, and my desire is to be ever watchful and worthy of the blessings which God withholds from no one who earnestly seeks Truth.

Testimony of Healing
In July, 1903, I attended a Christian Science service...
March 14, 1908

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