While a few may wonder because so many intelligent...

Boston Times

While a few may wonder because so many intelligent people have gone into the Christian Science movement, thousands of intelligent persons in the Christian Science Church wonder how any one can keep out of it. Every Christian Scientist, every one who has properly tested the fruits of Christian Science, will unhesitatingly declare that he has been made better, not only physically but in every other way. The clear insight into the spiritual facts of being inculcated by this Science, affords an anchorage which strengthens and perpetuates hope and courage by dispelling the clouds of fear and uncertainty; it clarifies the mind and improves the judgment by rendering the perception keener. A people like ours, so ready to test new discoveries and inventions, cannot long hesitate to prove Christian Science. Mere sentimental adherence to the traditions of the elders is neither respectful to our ancestors nor just to ourselves. Our forefathers, like us, were asking the question, "What is truth?" and doubtless they would have recognized the good in Christian Science had it been presented in their day.

Beliefs and dogmas, creeds and doctrines are beneficial to Christians only in proportion as they improve their moral status. The Scriptures declare that faith without works is dead. Jesus said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." Solomon very wisely said, "With all thy getting get understanding." and St. John said, "Blessed are they that do his commandments." We note the blessing is not to them who know and do not, but to them who "do his commandments." Christian Science gives a definite outline of the rule of right, so that we may walk intelligently and avoid the necessity of retracting our steps. There may be some queer people among Christian Scientists, and a queer Christian Scientist may say and do queer things; likewise in all denominations may be found some who have more zeal than discreation, but neither Christian Science nor the Christian Science denomination is justly chargeable with any foolish things said or done by those who bear the name of Christian Science, but who do not conduct themselves according to its behests.

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