The entire thinking world will one day pay homage to...

The Philistine

The entire thinking world will one day pay homage to Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy because she has helped humanity to eliminate many forms of fear. She has stood against Christendom, all doctors, and most preachers, for the truth she believed and has literally interpreted, "The kingdom of heaven is within you." She has made us look to ourselves for health. She has given an impulse to sane thinking that has benefited the human race. But I believe that the crowning glory of this woman is that she has demonstrated towards the equality of the sexes as no other human being has. She has been most effective because she has not worked directly for it. But neither by word nor deed has she for one instant suggested that woman is inferior to man. She herself is the head of the Christian Science Church. Her word is law to every one of her followers without being called an encyclic. She has abolished the male preacher. In every pulpit there are two desks, and one is occupied by a woman and the other by a man.

Had Mrs. Eddy taken up the work for equal suffrage as did Mrs. Stanton, Miss Anthony, and that excellent band of workers, she could not have done for it what she has by quietly assuming and silently living equal rights for women and men, and by making such provision for it as she has in her religion. Mrs. Eddy has had the ability to live her life on an equality with man, because she has had equality in her brain and heart. Christian Science stands to us to-day and must ever stand as a monument of power to womanhood.

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