One who has received physical healing and mental regeneration...

One who has received physical healing and mental regeneration through the blessed influence of Christian Science, needs not the testimonies printed in our periodicals or told so feelingly at our Wednesday evening meetings, as an assurance for his faith. He has but to contrast those past days of disease, darkness, and despair, with the good health, real happiness, and joyful hopes of to-day, and with a heart overflowing with gratitude he has a message for all those burdened with the heavy load of ill health, for all those wandering in the misty shadows of doubt and fear and sin,—an assurance that God is indeed omnipotent and omnipresent, and that divine Love, infinite and immeasurable, will free the body from pain and disease, cleanse the heart from iniquity, still the inward storm of conflicting thoughts, and bring that peace "which passeth all understanding."

In the spring of 1904, through worry and anxiety over sickness in my family and the fear of losing my position. I became extremely restless and nervous. When word came that the office I held would soon be abolished, although informed with great kindness and condideration that such action was not attributable to any dissatisfaction with my work and due only to changed business conditions, I broke down completely. In the worldly ways of past years I had strayed far from the Father's house, and now I desired to return to His protecting care; but I did not then know the way—the one true way—the highway through the dismal swamps of careless and thoughtless action. For physical health and mental strength I consulted a physician prominent in his profession and long a trusted adviser, but I did not receive the help sought for, and to extreme nervous conditions were added protracted and distressing sleeplessness, and a general derangement of the entire physical system. In August came complete nervous collapse, and I was compelled to resign a new position I had obtained without the loss of a day when my old one ended. From that time up to the end of February I began a vain search for health, courage, and mental peace. I tried homeopathic and allopathic treatment, osteopathy, and vibratory machines, and had the services and opinions of a conscientious specialist. All were willing and anxious to help me, yet all failed to cure. I appreciate now, more than I did then, their kindness and condideration. Whatever mental improvement or physical betterment resulted was but temporary, and I drove loving parents and a dear wife to the verge of distraction. In November a return to a position once filled with some credit and ability was tried, in the vain hope that easy work might accomplish, at least mentally, what medical skill had not.

Testimony of Healing
One of the greatest blessings and privileges in my life...
June 1, 1907

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