I am not interested in modern religion, on account of the...

Boston Transcript

I am not interested in modern religion, on account of the intolerance shown toward others. It was this same spirit on the part of the Jewish clergy which rejected and persecuted Jesus. They had nothing against him personally; his works were good, but he presented something new. and this in religion is always a crime and heresy. Christ Jesus was condemned to death and crucified because he presented a new truth. Later on after the establishment of the Catholic and Protestant churches, came the awful wars and persecutions each of the other. Blood, was shed like water, and all in the name of Christ, who stood for peace and gentleness. To this country came the Puritans for freedom to worship God, and when once established they immediately began a systematic persecution of the Quakers because they differed from them, and the awful and inhuman experiences of that period will not soon be forgotten. Later came the establishment of the Universalist and Unitarian churches. This was another occasion for slander, vilification, and misrepresentation. The Unitarians were treated as if they were heathen.

Even at the present time this spirit of antagonism occasionally breaks forth and goes sweeping across the country, seeking to reopen a sore that is well-nigh healed. At the present time the Christian Scientists occupy the stage. They are seeking to worship God in accordance with their rights as American citizens, but the hose is now turned on them. We business men have learned to respect the rights of others; to live and let live, and to build our business up and keep it up; to study its improvement rather than try to tear down and destroy the other fellow. Religion will appeal to business men only when it gives a square leal.

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