What is science? Is it not the orderly arrangement of...

The San Francisco Examiner

What is science? Is it not the orderly arrangement of ascertained facts? is it not knowing something; is not that the root meaning of the word? Yes. Then are we to conclude that the only thing we can know about is matter? Are there no ascertained facts about God which constitute Science, the Science of all existence, the Science of all sciences? Can any Christian minister afford to take the position that spiritual truths and spiritual laws do not constitute Science and that the use of that word in relation to spiritual phenomena is "calculated to mislead?"

Jesus knew something definite about God and His everlasting laws, about His perfect creation. What he knew was certainly Science, by every test that can be applied to that word. What he knew was precise, unfailing in its practice, and was always followed by results. What he knew and put into practice was Christian, surely. Then it was Christian knowing, or Christian practice, or Christian Science. St. Paul entreated his converts to have the same Mind which was in Christ Jesus. Christian Scientists believe that what Jesus knew, the Science he practised, may be known and practised by all, that the same Mind which informed and enlightened him is able and willing to do a like service for all who seek in the way Jesus has pointed out.

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