This is certain: Christian Scientists are growing in numbers...

The Springfield (Ohio) News

This is certain: Christian Scientists are growing in numbers at a greater rate than anything else we know of Christian Science can no longer be ridiculed off the boards. The opposition it has met in pulpit and press and the professions has not stamped it out. It is flourishing as much if not more than any other church. It is getting into its congregations persons whom the world is bound to recognize and whom the world does recognize as intelligent, thoughtful, honest people. These people are no longer ashamed to admit they are Christian Scientists. And, so far as we are able to judge, either Christian Science or something else has made an improvement in their lives. They pay their debts and attend to their own business and are happy—so far as we know. A congregation of Christian Scientists is not an aggregation of long-haired cranks, it measures up with the congregation of any other sect. And if they suffer from the many petty diseases that other people suffer from, they keep the fact to themselves and do not burden their neighbors with a relation of their aches and pains, and that in itself is worth something to society.

March 23, 1907

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