In September, 1905, I took a position with a firm in New York

In September, 1905, I took a position with a firm in New York. I found the books had not been balanced in two and a half years and nothing had been entered in them, except in the cash book, for nine months. The business was large and this meant a lot of back work. It was necessary to call in an expert accountant, and for about six weeks I stayed after hours assisting him, at the end of which time I felt I was not qualified to fill the position; so I told the president of the firm that I could no longer stay, in justice to him or myself, and that I would send in my resignation. He would not hear of this, and assured me I could do all that was necessary and that I was not responsible for any work except my own. This, however, failed to reassure me and I became exceedingly depressed. I felt as though a great weight was crushing my mentality and nothing that my friends or family said (and they were solicitous for my welfare) seemed to benefit me. It seemed that nothing could relieve me but to resign. At this point my brother asked me to go to church with him. I knew that he went to a Christian Science church but knew nothing whatever of its teachings. I went, and there met a man whom I knew. I made an appointment to meet him at the Reading Room the following Saturday, and then I told him of my distress. He told me that divine Love meets all our needs and that if we are honestly doing our part, we must come out right, that God does not put us into any place we cannot fill. I felt relief at once and was so glad to hear God spoken of in this way,—as a help at all times,—and to know that I could go to Him with business troubles and be helped. These words, and others my friend spoke, were almost constantly in my thought, and I then started to read Science and Health and the Christian Science Sentinel. Within about two weeks the mist had lifted so that I began to take interest in life again, and within a very short time the condition had entirely passed away.

Since then I have rejoiced many times that I have found God, as made known to us in Christian Science. It has enabled me to overcome worry to a large extent; to criticise less; to be more considerate of other people; and best of all, to know that divine Love is the only power. I know that as I demonstrate what I learn and know to be true, I will understand more of God, and more light will be given me. I wish to express my gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for giving us this truth, for I know that this world has been made brighter to thousands of people through the truth which she has taught us.

Testimony of Healing
I feel as if the time had come when I should give something...
November 2, 1907

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