It is with pleasure and gratitude that I give my testimony...

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I give my testimony to what Christian Science did for me. During the period from 1888 to 1892 I was proprietor of a hotel in New York City. In the late fall of 1890 I took a severe cold, which developed into acute lung trouble, and I called in a doctor who was well known to me and had been the hotel physician. He called twice daily to see me, as he was more than ordinarily interested in the case; but I gradually grew worse, and got so low that I did not wish to recover and only longed for the end to come. At the end of two weeks the doctor told my wife that he considered the case hopeless and wished she would call some one in consultation or to take the case. As she had as much confidence in him as in any physician, she decided to seek other help, and went to see a Christian Science practitioner. My wife called upon the Scientist in the forenoon, but she was so busy with regular patients that she could not get away to see me until about five in the afternoon. The practitioner treated me for an hour, and then told me I could lie down, which I had before been unable to do, but she and my wife assisted me to the lounge, and in a few minutes I was asleep and slept all night with scarcely an awakening. The practitioner came again in the morning, and continued the treatments, but my recovery was so rapid that in ten days she left me as not needing any further help. I have never had any trouble with my lungs since, and am a hearty, well man to-day.—W. M. Haight, Monroe, N. Y.

Testimony of Healing
Up to the time I turned to Christian Science for help,...
January 26, 1907

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