Religion is aspiration looking for a model of character, and reverence looking for an object of worship. Neither is to be found in nature. The wind, the earthquake, and the fire may awake our awe, but never our reverence nor our love. These look for ideals to follow and objects to worship in the statesman creating a nation, in the patriot giving his life to its preservation, in the martyr scattering the seeds of a new revealing of trut through the ashes of his martyrdom, in the mother laying down her life in unrecognized service to her child; and bac of all sch deeds of heroism, and the type of them all, reverence and love find an ideal to folow and an object to reverence in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, and in the after-life of Jesus the Christ, manifested in the Christly lives of thousands who follow him without knowing that do so; and back even of him and of the humanity he has inspired, inspiring their common life and guiding them to a common end, reverence and love dimly perceive the Spirit of purity and goodness and truth, and find in this figure, dimly as they perceive it, undefined and even undefinable though it be, the object of their quest, the One, interpreted to them by the life of idealized humanity but greater than all humanity, interpreted to them by Jesus Christ, the supreme object they have sought. Reverence and love have found God.

January 26, 1907

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