I first heard of Christian Science in 1897

I first heard of Christian Science in 1897. Having been a suffer for years, I submitted to a medical examination in Canton, Miss., in the above year. The doctor who made the examination said that one of the abdominal organs was almost destroyed, and that no benefit would be derived from an operation. I was sad inded when I was told I could never lead an active life again. I was also informed that the doctor did not think I would live six months, and surely could not live more than a year. Shortly after my return home, a Christian Scientist said to me, "Do not listen to what the doctor or any one else says; God can heal you. I want you to read Science and Health." She read to me from this book, and left, saying she would return that night. I read but very little, as it seemed Greek to me, and it was hard to see anything in it to suit my case. Every night the Scientist would come and read the Lesson-Sermon with me. Each time on leaving, she would say, "Have no fear, you are not going to die."

The morning after the first reading I felt better, and continued to improve so that I was soon able to look after my household affairs. I was so much better that I was able to make another visit to Canton, and the doctor there who had previously examined me, said to my daughter, "Your mother's case certainly is a puzzle to me." I enjoyed better health than I had for years, when suddenly I was attacked with what the doctor pronounced asthmatic trouble. I used material remedies for several weeks, but was getting no better, so I called in another doctor, who said there was no cure for the trouble. I continued to grow worse, and my friends insisted that I try still another doctor. This one certainly did all in his power for me, but no good seemed to come of it, and after several experiments with different remedies there came seemingly fatal turn. The doctor sent telegrams to different parts of the State for my children to come at once, if they wished to see me alive, and he said to a friend that I could live but a short time. I, however, rallied, arose once more to be with my family still a little longer, as the doctor said it was only a matter of time.

Testimony of Healing
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January 26, 1907

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