I feel that I have already waited too long before expressing...

I feel that I have already waited too long before expressing my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me. For five years I was a constant sufferer from a complication of diseases,—in fact it seems to me I was afflicted with all that flesh is heir to. I often prayed to die; yet death was a great fear, a dread unspeakable. I was treated by some of the most prominent physicians of Meridian and Jackson, Miss. They did all that human power could do, and their kindness could not be exceeded. I also tried magnetism, and one prominent physician said I would have to undergo an operation, but could never stand it as I then was. I had undergone a serious one before, and this made my fear greater. Thus I drifted on from day to day, sometimes being confined to my bed four and five weeks. Finally I had about given up, as I had been taught it was God's will that we should suffer and be afflicted, and I thought I must bear it patiently. I tried to do this, but somehow there always lingered a hope that God would hear my prayers, as I prayed so fervently all the time. One day a gentleman came into my house, and when I spoke of my poor health he suggested Christian Science to me. I had read a few copies of the Sentinel, and soon after was laid up with rheumatic trouble and for three weeks had a physician in attendance every day. One afternoon like a flash the thought struck me, Why not try Christian Science? I had my daughter telephone to a practitioner, who came to the house and gave me a treatment. When she left I walked to the door with her, and have never had the trouble since, but I took treatment for about two weeks. I procured a copy of Science and Health and fairly devoured its contents—drank in every word of its truth. I gave up glasses which I had worn for fourteen years, and have never needed them since, finding out that in God is my sight. On several occasions some former ailment has made itself manifest, but by reading Science and Health and with some help from the faithful practitioner the trouble has been overcome, and now I can do as hard a day's work as any one, and my friends think my cure marvelous.

I have had some seemingly hard trials to meet, but with the realization of an ever-present God,—one who supplies all need,—they have been met and overcome. I read the Lesson-Sermon with a friend and have gained much thereby. I have had the pleasure of attending one Christian Science service, and enjoyed it more than any other service I ever attended. Were I to tell all the blessings I have received it would take too much space, and I will close my feeble words of gratitude with a prayer for God's blessing upon dear Mrs. Eddy, through whom we have found this blessed truth. I trust my testimony may be of help to some poor mortal who is having an experience like mine. When temptations and trials come to me, I find comfort in the 91st Psalm, and know that its promises are for me; and after reading over the Lesson each day I feel uplifted and know that I have gained a little more understanding. I am learning to overcome error more and more, and while only a babe in Science I have made some good demonstrations. I was healed over three years ago, and have not been confined to the bed since. I wish to acknowledge the great help received from our periodicals. The remarkable life of our dear Leader fills me with gratitude as I daily study and try to live the truth she teaches.

Testimony of Healing
I first heard of Christian Science in 1897
January 26, 1907

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