I am glad to write of my healing by Christian Science...

I am glad to write of my healing by Christian Science which occurred over six years ago. I had never been a really healthy girl and consequently had received the most tender care. Weakened conditions increased, and resulted in eight years of semi-invalidism; then I was confined to my bed for three months. This was in January, 1898. Besides being a nervous wreck, I was obliged to wear spectacles, and I had a serious bowel trouble. I had been under the care of one of our city's most excellent homeopathic physicians for three years, and as I came out of the three-months siege in the same old semi-invalid condition, and had heard of a new medical treatment, I tried this for nine months. Discouraged with this, I had magnetic massage and electrical treatment. During the last year of my illness, when I was again confined to my bed, another homeopathic physician was called; but at the end of a second three-months siege there was no improvement, though the physician had been most kind and conscientious. Just at this time the wife of a physician paid a friendly call at our home, and seeing the miserable condition I was in, she begged me to call in an allopathic physician, and if his diagnosis agreed with the homeopathi's, she suggested that I then try Christian Science, citing a case of healing in her own family by Christian Science some years before.

The homeopathic physician was dismissed, and this friend's husband, who is one of Portland's foremost allopathic physicians, was called. After two hours' examination he refused to take the case, and ordered me to be taken to a well-known Philadelphia specialist. As it required a few days' preparation for one as ill as I to travel, and as the homeopathic medcines were exhausted and the allopath left none, my mother went to the Christian Science practitioner recommended by our friend. This Christian Scientist was a stranger to us all, and my mother told her frankly that she had no faith in Christian Science and intended to take me to Philadelphia at the end of the following week. A practitioner came to me Saturday morning, April I, talked to me about the Christian Science concept of God and man's relationship to God, then gave me a treatment. That night I suggested to my mother that she give me an alcohol bath, a nightly service which she had done for me for the last eighteen months in the hope that I might secure sleep. My mother replied. "When we had materia medica we went according to the physician's orders; now let us go by this Christian Scientist's directions, and she said 'to rely entirely on the power of God to heal you.'" I answered, "I've had many a sleepless night, I fancy I can pull through another;" but instead of this I slept peacefully through the entire night, waking at seven in the morning. I had my breakfast served in bed, after which, with entire forgetfulness of body as to physical discomfort, I got up, dressed, and went to church that glorious Easter morning. I went to the practitioner's home the next day for treatment, and also on Tuesday, when she told me not to come again but to buy a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I bought a copy of the book, but went for Christian Science treatment every day of that week. On saturday I realized that I was really well and had no fear of a relapse; so I discontinued the treatments, and here I am to-day in better health than I have ever been,—a well woman. Ever since this instantaneous healing in Christian Science, over six years ago, I have relied upon Truth in every emergency.

Testimony of Healing
It was through my mother's healing, which took place...
January 26, 1907

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