I was healed by Christian Science treatment after many...

I was healed by Christian Science treatment after many years of sickness and suffering from which the earnest efforts of kindly physicians and dear friends could not deliver me. For five years previous to my healing I was constantly under the care of one of the best physicians of our city, who took the deepest interest in my case and did everything he could to help me. He finally told my sister that he could do no more, and even mentioned to her the possibility of my finding some relief through Christian Science. However, as we knew nothing of Christian Science and feared that its influence might not be good, we did not investigate the subject, but sought help from osteopathy and other material means for a year or more without gaining relief. My case was diagnosed by my physicians as nervous derangement and spinal trouble. I was almost constantly in pain and could neither walk nor ride without suffering. My eyes also were seriously affected, and for a period of two years I was not able to read, write, or sew. During this time I was obliged to wear glasses of deepest black, and my time was spent mostly in a darkened room. If I ventured out at all for a walk of a block or two, I was obliged to go after the sun had set and had even then to wear my black glasses. I had the best medical advice and care obtainable in this locality, but neither the physicians nor the oculists gave me encouragement as to a better physical condition, since, as they said, I had nothing to build upon.

As a last resort, and with little hope and less faith, I went to a Christian Science practitioner and asked for treatment, on the last day of May, 1898. My healing was not immediate, though I obtained relief from the first and continued to improve each day. Early in September I was able to lay aside the dark glasses and go out into the bright sunlight without pain, and since then I have laid off my other glasses. My complete healing came gradually, but within a year and a half I was able to pronounce myself a well woman, could walk without any of the old torture and as much as I pleased, and was also able to work,—to read, to write, and to sew. It is now six years since my healing was effected, and I have better health than ever before in my life. After so many years of invalidism and suffering I am deeply grateful to Christian Science for my deliverance, and glad of this opportunity to glorify God by giving my testimony. Since my healing I have steadily gained in physical health and strength, also slowly in the understanding of the great truth which set me free.

Testimony of Healing
In April, 1882, immediately following the birth of one of...
January 26, 1907

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