I cannot remember the time since childhood when I...

I cannot remember the time since childhood when I could say I was well. I tried many physicians, paying as high as four hundred dollars to one,—sometimes fifty dollars for consultation; also tried different climates, but received no permanent relief. I hardly knew a day without pain, and finally came to think I must suffer this way through life. For a number of years I was troubled with severe pain in the eyes. Neither oculists, physicians, nor the wearing of glasses helped me, and I would lie for hours in a darkened room, very ill from the effects of the pain. I was also subject to rheumatic attacks, and was in a very miserable and dangerous condition from the effects of a two-months siege of this disease. An excellent physician diagnosed the case as a severe nervous condition, brought on by hearing in my weakened condition of two serious disasters. It was at this time that a friend who is a Christian Scientist called. I was too weak to sit up, and told her how ill I had been. She said, "Did you read the 'little book'?" A copy of Science and Health had been in my possession a year; I had tried once to read it but could not become interested, so did not try again, and I answered her in the negative. She spoke, however, with such assurance of the help to be had from reading the text-book, that I could not forget it, and thought I would try once more. I had not read long before I received mental relief. After reading about three weeks I was sure that I could be cured, so I called on a practitioner and stated my case to her. She had me stop all medicine and stimulants, and after about five weeks' treatment she advised my trying to do for myself. It is now over eighteen months and I have called upon her but once for help. The mental trouble has all been overcome and I suddenly realized that my eyes were not hurting me. I have taken no material remedies and can now say I am well, and at a cost of less than thirty dollars. I feel that this friend was sent to me by God, and my heart is full of gratitude to divine Love.

Words are inadequate to express my thanks to Mrs. Eddy for giving us Christian Science, and while I am truly thankful for the physical relief, I prize above all else the spiritual uplifting, and the help which comes to me daily.

Testimony of Healing
I write these lines in gratitude for what Christian Science...
January 12, 1907

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