I never remember being without a headache and backache...

I never remember being without a headache and backache during my childhood. This condition developed, at the age of nineteen, into confirmed invalidism, and at one time I was confined to my bed for eight months. The skill of the most eminent oculists, physicians, and surgeons of Philadelphia was exhaused in my behalf. At the age of twenty-four I had Christian Science treatment for my eyes, which had become entirely useless. After two treatments I took off my glasses and have never worn them since. They were of the strongest make, each lens being ground differently. In less than three weeks I had much less fear of disease in a general way.

For many years thereafter, my life was divided between foolish and fashionable living and the study of so-called mental science. My copy of Science and Health, which at first had seemed such a treasure, finally reached the top shelf in our library. My thought becoming more and more darkened, I was finally overtaken with a terrible disease, from which I suffered agony daily and hourly. A relative was healed of cancer of the liver, and I at once sought help of her practitioner, a Christian Scientist. I was under treatment for six months. One day, while I was reading from Luke, 10:28, an inner voice told me that Christian Science was the Word of God, and that they who could hear it were blessed. I ceased treatment. Soon after this I had class instruction, and at once tried to give unto others that which I had received, gradually working my way out of the bondage of long years of disease, and finding Christian Science the holy Comforter in all ways and in all conditions of human suffering. Repeated attacks of the passage of gall stones were healed so quickly that I was never missed from my professional work.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...
September 16, 1905

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