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The growth of a religious spirit in the settlement and adjustment of international affairs, is an evidence that the public conscience is receiving stimulation from some source which leads it on to a reasonable consideration of questions involving international rights, duties, and obligations. This is the religious spirit; it is the spirit which comes from very old teaching; it is the Pauline method of adjusting difficulties in the church, it is now become the universal method of settling difficulties between employers and employees; and now the spirit is going up higher, into the work of nations themselves. This means a new patriotism; that patriotism which is born of a pure religious spirit; it means devotion to a higher principle; it means the patriotism of personal sacrifice, and it is higher type of patriotism than that exemplified on the battlefield.

The passion for right doing excites all the active powers of the mind, and sets before the doer of righteousness the endless task of attainment. It is a desire which, like the pursuit of truth or the love of beauty, is the source both of satisfaction and discontent without end. There is a so-called ethical passion which mimics this noble attribute of the soul, and which spends itself in passionate protest against the works and ways of other men and women. It spends itself in disparagement of the world in which we live, and wastes in criticism of others the energy which ought to have been used in personal growth and righteous deeds which might serve to make this world a happier and a safer place to dwell in.—The Christian Register.

September 16, 1905

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