When Doctors Disagree

The world's thought has been controlled so long by its medical and religious systems that any practical departure from them is looked upon as dangerous folly on the one hand and heresy on the other. These man-made systems have endeavored to pilot humanity over the troubled waters of earthly experience, but the battered bark still continues the buffet of wind and wave. Adrift on the sea of error, driven hither and thither by its pitiless storms of suffering and want and crime, shall man or angels deny that Christian Science has come to the rescue with the same Christ-truth that stilled the tempest, that gave peace to troubled hearts, and opened for mortals the way to God's kingdom on earth?

The universal agreement among the adherents of these human systems regarding the necessity of matter for the expression of intelligence and life, reveals their disagreement with the spiritual teaching and practice of him who was at once the most successful physician and effective preacher the world has ever known; while their internal disagreements exemplify the limitations that beset all material theories and endeavors. They are engaged in a warfare with conditions which are but the logical conclusions of the premise upon which all human systems are based; namely, that man is legitimately a material animal, subject to the control of animal propensities and demoralizing passions, and surrounded by the constant chance of pain, disease, and death.

Entering upon a New Experience
April 2, 1904

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