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More and more the Christian world is coming to believe, what we think a correct interpretation of the Gospels makes clear, that Jesus is not the Saviour by virtue of his vicarious suffering for the world's sin, but he saves through his influence upon the minds and hearts of men and women. He is steadily, and with constantly increasing power, saving the world by the truths that he taught, by the character he achieved, by the example he presents, by the spirit he imparts. He is the Word of God in the sense that in him was embodied and expressed the truth, wisdom, and love of God as these have reference to man in this world. He is the mediator of that truth, that love, that spirit which, when accepted and made operative in the life, unites the believer and doer to the Father in a vital moral and spiritual fellowship. Thus the at-one-ment between the two is accomplished. The believer becomes a new creature in Christ. Old things—old and erroneous ideas, old and false views of life, old and unrighteous ideals—have passed away and new conceptions of self, of life, of God and duty now rule the inner world of thought and feeling and motive.

The Universalist Leader.

April 2, 1904

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