"Little Children, love One Another"

On page 572 of Science and Health may be found the words above quoted, coupled with the statement that it "is the most simple and profound saying of the inspired writer." In looking for the verse in the Bible I found many passages addressed to "little children," many urging the necessity of loving each other, but not this exact statement. I inquired of old Bible students where this passage could be found. Though many told me they were sure they could turn to it, on searching they found as I did that it needed a more careful study to learn this lesson of Love. A few weeks ago, in looking up some references, I took up my large family Bible, and the book opened at the "Lives of the Holy Apostles and Evangelists" by the Rev. W. F. B. Jackson; in the life of St. John I found the words for which I had been looking all these years, and quote in the author's own words, "It is also said that when he had grown so old that he was not able to preach to his converts, at every public meeting he used to be led to the church, and say no more than these words, "Little children, love one another;" and when his hearers wearied with the repetition of the same words, and asked him why he always said this and nothing more, he replied, because it was the command of our Lord, and that if they did nothing else this alone was enough."

Our Master said, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly;" and if Life is Love, then we must also have Love more abundantly. If we as Christian Scientists are obeying this admonition of the "beloved disciple," "it is enough," for our love to God is to be measured by our love for our fellow-men.

Curing Poverty
January 23, 1904

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