The Dead Past

Only the ingrate would fail to acknowledge the blessings that are ours from the toil and talent, the heroism and self-sacrifice, of past generations. But let us be careful that while the past with one hand confers blessings, it does not with the other encumber us with traditions and beliefs that would proscribe our possibilities, fetter our free limbs, and manacle the present with the faults and failures of the past.

Many a poor sufferer would go free, could he realize that "Every day is a fresh beginning," could he know that the past can touch the present only with the power of Good; if he could realize that expiation, remorse, regret, despair, cannot be fastened upon man in God's present, and that sin and sickness, the gloomy shades of yesterday, must vanish when the light of Truth breaks along the horizon of to-day.

"There is no Strife"
March 21, 1903

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