Recovered from Effects of a Serious Injury

On May 1, 1901, a foreman of the telephone line and his men were unloading a car of very large telephone poles. The foreman was cutting the last stake on the end of the car, and when it cracked, he started to run but was not quick enough; three large poles came down together, and broke the skid. The end of the three poles struck the foreman in the side, and crushed him between the end of the railroad ties, and the three large poles. The men removed the poles, and asked, "Shall we take you to a hospital?" He said, "No, take me home," and soon became unconscious.

Some one summoned a doctor and he called another. The doctors examined him and found no bones broken, but the flesh was greatly bruised. A message was sent to his wife, who was away from home, and it took her two days to get home. During these two days the doctor kept him under the influence of chloroform most of the time.

Testimony of Healing
Healed of Epilepsy
December 12, 1901

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