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August 9, 1998
Guests: Carol Tchernev, Nawita Hardy, Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks, Dee Vance, Sandy Vance, Janet Mathiott
August 2, 1998
Guests: Olga Chaffee, Julie Pabst, Tony Lobl, Margaret Rogers
July 26, 1998
Guests: Marge Brown, Marty DeWindt, David Gutelius, Rebecca Odegaard
July 19, 1998
Guests: Laura Frank, Mary Trammell, Bobby Lewis
July 12, 1998
Guests: Marjorie Moore, Pam Martin
July 5, 1998
Guests: Michael Pabst, Alexis Deacon, Melanie Daglian, David Driver, Cyril Rakhmanoff
June 28, 1998
Guests: Natalie Eastwood, Bonnie Dunn, Brian Clendenen
June 21, 1998
Guests: Nancy Hughart, Betty Jenks, Mildred Hinman, James Spencer, Kathryn Gressett, Marjorie Funston
June 14, 1998
Guests: Heidi Paulson, Jeff Sinatra
June 7, 1998
Guests: Pam Chance, Nate Talbot