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October 18, 1998
Guests: Donna Mcintyre, Chris O’riordan Adjah, Kathryn DeGrow
October 11, 1998
October 4, 1998
Guests: Marsa Davis, Bernard Medford, Rita Smith
September 27, 1998
Guests: David Driver, Mary Lee Mcintyre, Margaret Estes Powell
September 20, 1998
Guests: John Adams, Kathleen Clementson, Colleen Douglass
September 13, 1998
Guests: Ann Kneeland, Channing Walker, Laura Matthews
September 6, 1998
Guests: Anthony Whitehouse, Beverley Mills, Bill Ansley
August 30, 1998
Guests: Nate Talbot, Lois Carlson
August 23, 1998
Guests: Janet Horton, John West, Cynthia Barnett, Phil Davis, Don Soule
August 16, 1998
Guests: Shirley Paulson, Heidi Paulson