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February 11, 1995
Guests: Jean Hebenstreit, Joel Magnes, Sandy Starkman, Doris Wiederkehr, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley
February 4, 1995
Guests: Paula Shick-Heath, Bob Stranathan, Bonnie Johnson, Vincent Hogrefe, Mark Unger
January 28, 1995
Guests: Geoffrey Barratt, Elaine Follis, Tony Lobl, Suzanne Soulé, Michael Seek, Peter Tonge
January 21, 1995
Guests: Deborah Huebsch, Julio Rivas, Eunice Nwosu, Channing Walker
January 14, 1995
Guests: Bill Moody, Clara Metzner, Val Unger, Jane Makumi, Dick Mather
January 7, 1995
Guests: Lois Carlson, Priscilla Emerson, Tony Lobl, Sandi Persely, Michael Seek