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April 23, 1995
Guests: Olga Chaffee, Jon Harder
April 22, 1995
Guests: Joann Smedley, Julio Rivas, Mark Swinney, Jon Harder
April 15, 1995
Guests: David Degler, Ann Stewart, John Selover, R. K. Verma, Kathleen Wiegand, Luisella Jaques-Deraney
April 1, 1995
Guests: Judith Hedrick, Laurel Asher, Scott Jenkins, Ellen Thompson
March 25, 1995
Guests: Clarence Mangham, Hazel Andrea Stuart, Sondra Toner, Salvador Castro
March 18, 1995
Guests: Bob Jeffrey, Dessa Reed, Joel Magnes, Michael Seek
March 11, 1995
Guests: Margaret Rogers, Bill Moody, Shirley Bare, Olga Chaffee
March 4, 1995
Guests: Kay Olson, Phil Davis, Laura Brown, Tehmie Gazdar, Mary Trammell, Bill Dawley
February 25, 1995
Guests: Tom Black, Courtnay Douglas, Kailash Chopra, Natasha Kudaev, Mark Swinney, Olga Chaffee
February 18, 1995
Guests: David Driver, Carole Carter, Evan Mehlenbacher, Margaret Clark