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I really liked the Item of Interest “Civil Rights—An ongoing mission rooted in faith,” in the April 4 issue [“Vibrant at any age”].

Loving yourself inside and out

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see the beautiful expression of God that you are?
Items of Interest
Working in a cluster of offices above a LifeWay Christian Bookstore, Bible scholars are buried in a 20-year project to codify the thousands of changes, verse by verse, word by word—even letter by letter—that crept into the early New Testament during hundreds of years of laborious hand-copying.
Items of Interest
In the church of the future, the only members will be elder women and children.
Sentinel Watch
Just one prayer of gratitude has the power to open hearts and rule out fear, allowing for a balanced exchange of labor and goods between nations.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
God, Spirit, is the source and power of the universe.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Prophecy fulfilled

The prophecies were preserved as writings to enable us to see their fulfillment.
Church Alive
This got me thinking about how I see my neighbors. Am I noticing the healing activity and qualities each person expresses? I began to see so many activities in my neighborhood as expressions of healing.

A shift from grief to joy

God's love can strengthen us–and heal grief.

Seven green parrots

A sad summer day brightens with the arrival of a beautiful message.
Your Daily Lift

Comfort with comfort

My grandmother used to say that there are three steps to spiritual inspiration.
Christian Science treatment brought quick healing to the author's granddaughter.
As a refinement to how Mary Baker Eddy’s name is cited in the Christian Science magazines, we are making an adjustment to the recently updated guidelines.

A spiritual view of food and body

Explore a healing perspective on the subject.

Freedom from overeating

The desire to overeat doesn't have to hold us hostage.

Nourished by divine Love

Achieved: a balanced relationship with food.
Question of the Week

How have you prayed about body image issues?

One question—many answers.

My milestone healing

Read about one of the quickest and most significant healings of the writer's high school years.
Spiritual Focus on Books

What Good is God?

We serve a God who has vowed to make all things new.
How I Found Christian Science

I wanted to know more

I noticed a Christian Science church, and one Wednesday night, we attended their meeting.
Testimony of Healing
My daughter and I travelled to Africa last November.
Testimony of Healing
I love skiing.
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago I had a serious knee problem that made it impossible for me to wear long pants, because of swelling and constant pain.
From the Editors
No matter what form evil may claim to take, it has no standing before the perfect and ever-active Love which is God. 

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