True Humility Promotes Healing

Christian Science, which Mary Baker Eddy discovered and founded, explains that God's creation is never marred but remains forever perfect and intact as the expression of the allness of His loveliness. Just as beautiful silverware displayed in a jeweler's shop is not impaired in its craftsmanship because it may appear distorted through a rain-splashed window, so the identities created by God never cease to be living proof of His excellence as their Maker.

To know this is a help when divine Mind's spiritual creation seems obscured by a distorting screen of matter and evil. Then we can be sure that when any part of this overlay of lies is penetrated by Christ, the true idea of God and man, creation will be found still unsullied and unharmed. The truth will make itself known by its beneficent, improving influence on the human situation, healing what is sick, harmonizing what is discordant, stirring our deepest intuition to recognize the power of God at work.

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June 7, 1975

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