World Peace Through Divine Law

On October 12, the day after the date of this issue, the Seventh World Law Conference will convene in the United States, in Washington, District of Columbia. This is an important activity of the World Peace Through Law Center, an international association of those who are convinced that the best opportunity for achieving world peace lies in the role of law in the world community.

As a lawyer and a member of this association I am committed to this most desirable objective. As an active Christian Scientist I am even more deeply and totally committed to this purpose—but from the standpoint of the practice of divine law. The two approaches are not inconsistent, because human law in its highest aspect is a tremendously valuable and helpful effort to understand and to bring to bear on human experience the operation of the immutable, all-wise, and always-just Principle, which mankind intuitively recognizes and acknowledges as God.

Family, the Heart of the Home
October 11, 1975

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