a call to action

"The time has come," we often say, thinking of personal or of world affairs tending toward climax and solution. But for what has the time really come? Amid the din and confusion of world thought, the words of Mrs. Eddy in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health, resound as a clarion call: "The time has come for a finite conception of the infinite and of a material body as the seat of Mind to give place to a diviner sense of intelligence and its manifestations,—to the better understanding that Science gives of the Supreme Being, or divine Principle, and idea." Science and Health, p. 285; This is a rousing call to action. It is stirring mankind to the ends of the earth. And whom is it calling? You and me, right here, today.

Christian Science pierces the world's "finite conception of the infinite" by revealing God in seven comprehensive synonyms: Spirit, Mind, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love See ibid., pp. 115, 465, 587; —all of which are named or indicated in the Bible. The incorporeal nature of God came to Mrs. Eddy as pure revelation. God revealed Himself to her as Mind, not a magnified human person with an infinite Mind, but Mind itself; not a glorified physical being having Life, but Life itself, Love itself, Truth itself, and so on.

July 27, 1974

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