Understand Spiritually and Fly Happily

Everyone can feel just as much at home in an airplane as he does in his living room—just as safe at thirty thousand feet above the earth as at sea level. And he can help others who fear air travel feel serenity and confidence by understanding the truth of man's divine origin and the law of God, which sustains not only the spiritual identity of the real man but human experience as well.

For thousands of years mortal man has considered himself strictly a creature of the land. Theories of evolution hold that he developed from primitive forms of ocean life, which in the dim ages of history climbed ashore and eventually walked on the earth. The belief that he is a land-based being—a native of the earth—is not quickly overcome. Some people today confess that their apprehension on leaving terra firma has lessened very little despite years of constant air travel. They say that every journey is an ordeal and only their resort to pills, alcohol, tobacco, or willpower enables them to endure it.

Testimony of Healing
I am grateful that Christian Science has come into our lives
August 8, 1970

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