Words of Current Interest

The words in this issue are related to the Lesson-Sermon in the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE QUARTERLY designated to be read in Christian Science churches on March 24, 1968.

Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away (Isa. 41:16)

In the Biblical period the process of winnowing was carried out by the use of what our Authorized Version describes as a "fan" (cf. Matt. 3:12), although scholars are now agreed that the instrument in question was rather a winnowing fork, or a winnowing shovel. The present writer has seen both instruments in use in modern Palestine. With them, the grain, once it is sufficiently bruised by the "sharp threshing instrument" (Isa. 41: 15), is thrown into the air, and the wind carries away what remains of the chaff. The grain itself falls to the ground and is ready to be stored in the granary.

The ancients (Ps. 119:100)

Signs of the Times
March 16, 1968

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