The Essence of Communication

Underlying all true communication is the basic fact that there is one Mind, one God. If we would communicate with our neighbor and seek some measure of understanding of each other's point of view, we must start with the truth of one Mind. There is no other way of attaining rapport with each other. This truth extends from individual contacts to the relations of governments and nations, from perhaps soon between different planets.

Christian Science defines God as Mind, Soul, Spirit, Principle, Life, Truth, Love. Another term for God is good. Jesus called God "Father." As we come to realize that there is one good, one Mind, one Father, one Life, we shall see a growing basis for understanding our fellowmen and communicating with them. It is only as we gain clearer views of the nature of God that we shall establish a firm foundation for harmony and peace. There is no other way to arrive at these goals.

"Honesty is spiritual power"
March 16, 1968

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