"The divine possibilities"

What a glorious panorama of possibilities presents itself to the earnest student as he grows in his understanding of Christian Science! He perceives the possibility of achieving all good, but he knows this must be done step by step and that he can utilize and prove only what he understands. As the student of mathematics begins with simple arithmetic, and then progressively solves more difficult problems, so the advancing metaphysician must prove his way by stages right up to the very throne of grace.

We shall progress most rapidly when we learn to keep thought restfully focused on the fact of God's ever-present love and irresistible power, irrespective of how attenuated our proof of this fact may be. We must learn to live in close fellowship with the divine presence and turn to the consciousness of it again and again until our sense of His nearness becomes established. Actually, the divine Mind is never absent for even a moment, and it is only false material belief that appears to hide this fact. Mrs. Eddy says, "A false sense of life, substance, and mind hides the divine possibilities, and conceals scientific demonstration." Science and Health, pp. 325, 326;

July 15, 1967

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