Mental Health

The widespread scourge of mental illness indicates an imperative need of understanding true mental health and how to maintain it. Mental health is mental self-control, and according to Christian Science, one expresses true self-control in the degree that he is controlled by God, man's source, or divine Principle. This Science reverses the general belief that mind is in the brain and is subject to chemical, physical, and electrical disorders. Denying the validity of a carnal, or mortal, mind, Christian Science affirms that there is but one Mind, God, and that man reflects the self-control of this Mind. Man is Mind's immortal image, God's reflection, which can never go out of control.

Health in any direction depends upon the demonstration of the eternal relationship of Mind and man. A realization of their inseparability as cause and effect brings the real self to light and helps to dispel the illusion of a mortal self controlled consciously and unconsciously by the intricate mechanism of a material brain.

"The divine possibilities"
July 15, 1967

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