"...be free!"

To those seeking release from the imprisoning discords of the physical senses Christian Science comes with assured hope. Awaiting only the receptive heart, this message of the Christ, Truth, evidences its promise in present fulfillment. It declares one infinite God, who is Mind, Spirit, the source of all being. It reveals the wholly spiritual nature of man and the universe as the idea of omniscient Mind. It insists upon man's birthright of eternal freedom from materiality, his inexhaustible supply of unfolding good, his irrevocable heritage of immortal health, substance, and being.

That these facts are practical and applicable and not mere abstractions can be proven in the lives of all who are ready to awaken to the urging of the Christ in human consciousness. In reality nothing can prevent the recognition and demonstration of the Christ, Truth, for divine Love is ever impelling its manifestation of intelligent receptivity and response to its eternal and spiritual law.

What Are We Waiting For?
July 15, 1967

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