The Family of Mankind

Many people will agree that there should be universal brotherhood based upon an understanding that all men have the same Father, God. But others consider such a state to be an unattainable Utopia, a situation that is impractical and beyond realization. The conflicts and discords that are evident in the world, the problems between various races, the hostility between those of differing ideological beliefs—how can all this inharmony be resolved and the happy family of mankind be realized?

Christian Science declares that universal brotherhood is assuredly attainable and shows what each individual can do to help bring it about. Basically it is this: see what is spiritually true of man as a child of the one Father, God. In doing this, one should begin with himself and, as the Bible teaches, see that his true selfhood is made in God's image and likeness. Because God—Mind, Love, Spirit—is perfect and good, man as God's reflection must necessarily be spiritual, perfect, and good. This is the truth of oneself, despite the claims of the carnal mind that man is mortal, imperfect, and made of a mixture of good and evil.

Man, the Complete Idea of Mind
August 13, 1966

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