Is Religion Relevant?

The answer to the question in the title becomes obvious when we learn what God is and what religion is all about. When one understands that God is Life, the study to find and experience God is as relevant as anything could be. When one understands that God is Love, he takes up the search for God as a vital subject of pursuit and development. When one understands that God is Truth, he finds that relevance itself is defined by the study of religion. The desire to understand God leads one to the very crux of the meaning of his existence.

The challenge to the relevance of religion indicates the need of a clearer definition of religion. This is salutary. Outworn beliefs must be cast aside and rites and ceremonies must be purged from religious worship before the practical nature of love and service to humanity will reveal a more vital sense of religion and a purer demonstration of God's presence. Jesus defined religion through his love for mankind and through his healing of sickness and sin. Today, when one has been healed of serious illness and restored to healthy, active living by the understanding of God's presence and power, then to him the question of relevance is thoroughly answered.

Testimony of Healing
My understanding of God and Christian Science has caused my...
December 3, 1966

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