The Power That Heals

Christian Science acknowledges the presence, here, now, and always, of a power which will heal disease or discord of any nature. What is this power which enables us to prove that there is no incurability, no hopeless situation? Mrs. Eddy found it to be the power of Christ, Truth, which Jesus demonstrated centuries ago when he went about restoring the sick to health, freeing the sinning by destroying the sin, and raising the dead to life. These many events were not happenstance. They were the inevitable result of Jesus' embodiment of the Christ, the power of God to heal and to save.

The Master said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32; He proved the power of Truth for all time. Demonstration of a proven fact can be made over and over again. But the truth or power of the fact is not in proportion to the number of times it is demonstrated. In Christian Science we find that a spiritual fact is a fact even before it has been proved. It is easy to see that once such a fact is glimpsed students have an insatiable desire to prove it and then to demonstrate it over and over again, reaping the benefits therefrom.

Perpetual Freshness
December 3, 1966

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