"The babe we are to cherish"

Every comment from the pulpit or in the press which indicates that Christian churches are awakening to the importance of spiritual healing is cause for rejoicing. It is gratifying that such comments are becoming more and more frequent. Nevertheless, the space and time which newspapers and also radio and television programs devote to the discussion of various diseases, as well as the innumerable, ever-changing remedies propounded for their cure, show the deep-seated nature of mortal mind's determination to resist the fact that God heals sickness as surely as He heals sin.

This determination was brought forcibly home to me during a conversation with an acquaintance. Like many other Christians down through the centuries, he was perfectly willing to concede that God can heal sin. However, he was somewhat doubtful of God's ability or willingness to heal sickness without material aids. Faced with a physical problem, he felt that material means—drugs, manipulation, an operation, and so on— were necessary to bring about the healing.

Discouragement Is Delusion
July 3, 1965

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